Medieval Music in the Dales

Medieval Music in the Dales is a major event in the early music calendar - a weekend dedicated solely to the music of the middle ages. It's all happening at Bolton Castle in beautiful Wensleydale in North Yorkshire, on the 2nd to 4th September 2016. It is a weekend of music-making and musical inspiration with instruments for sale, concerts, workshops, sessions, a medieval feast and a medieval market.

Medieval Music in the Dales is being organised and produced by Trouvere, with lots of help, support and participation from musicians and luthiers across the UK and Europe.

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Tickets now on sale through our online Box Office!

Big news - ALL WORKSHOPS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. However, there are still plenty of places left on the daytime concerts.

The range of tickets now available is as follows:

One-Day tickets for either Saturday or Sunday. These include at least two daytime concerts: £25.

Three-Day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These either include all five daytime concerts or no daytime concerts: £55 or £25 respectively.



Medieval Music in the Dales will feature several concerts from leading performers, as well as our major combined concert on the Saturday night.

Leah Stuttard

Leah Stuttard - is a medieval harpist, singer, composer and arranger. She works globally with well known ensembles such as Micrologus and Jordi Savall's Hesperion XXI. In March 2014 she released a CD with singer Agnethe Christensen 'Oluf Strangesons Dyst/Joust'. Her solo CD 'The Wool Merchant and The Harp' was released at the end of January 2013.

Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant

Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant - Steve Tyler & Katy Marchant have been taking the folk world by storm with their original and eclectic mix of music drawn from medieval & traditional sources along with their own compositions. Their concerts feature an array of exquisitely played exotic instruments including hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, shawm, gothic harp, cittern, percussion and vocals.


Scotland's leading medieval music group Gaita will be presenting "Arthur's Court: The Romance of Fergus" a performance of music and songs from the high middle ages interwoven with the romance of Fergus, a story from the Arthurian Cycle set in Scotland.

The York Waits with Deborah Catterall

The York Waits with Deborah Catterall bring their Music from the age of Richard III to life on a magnificent array of late medieval instruments. They play upon a noyse of shawms, ancestors of the oboe-bassoon family, and characteristic instruments of waits before 1600. They also play cornett, saggbut, and curtal, flutes, recorders great and small, crumhorns, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies, lute and cittern.


And naturally Trouvere will be there... We are not only organising Medieval Music in the Dales but will be joining in with the concerts - featuring our new programme of medieval English music, The Revel and the Melodye. We're going to be joined by singer Richard de Winter, who we've really been enjoying working with over the last year.


And of course there will be many more musicians and bands joining us over the weekend for more music-making - it's not just all about the concerts! There are more than a dozen other bands and individual performers lined up to perform on our Open Stages, including Maranella from Chester, Minerva's Tower from York, Cancionero from Kent and A Merrie Noyse from the Midlands.



Here are the workshops that will be taking place at Medieval Music in the Dales:


Paul Martin will be providing workshops on playing the medieval bagpipe (suitable for G pipes) and the medieval fiddle (suitable for vielle, rebec, crwth or retuned modern vioin. Tips and guidance on a medieval approach and style, plus learn some new tunes. Based in County Durham, Paul is a wonderful player and a great instrumental teacher.

Gaita will be providing practical workshops on the dances of the fifteenth century and principally the dances from the English Gresley manuscript on which they have been working recently.

Gill Page of Trouvere will be providing a workshop on using medieval sources. Gill is a medieval historian as well as a minstrel and she will provide an introduction to accessing and understanding the medieval sources both musically and lyrically. There'll be some practical fun with paleography with some key sources!

Charlotte Ewart will be providing practical workshops on the estampies of the thirteenth century. Charlotte has a background in both dance and history, in research and performance, and has been researching the earlier medieval dance for which no choreography survives.

Philippe Bolton will be providing a workshop on recorder maintenance. The workshop will show how to safely remove the block to check and clean the windway and how to replace leaking joints, and give techniques for tuning adjustments. It will also serve as a surgery if you have particular problems with your instrument. A master instrument maker based in Provence, Philippe will also be demonstrating his medieval instruments.

Tom Hughes will be providing a beginners' workshop on the bagpipe. Tom is the Education Officer of the Bagpipe Society and will be bringing along the Society's collection of student pipes so that everyone can have a go.

Lizzie Gutteridge will be providing a two-part workshop (over two days) on reed construction and maintenance in which partcipants will make one or two reeds for their own use. This is a great opportunity to learn from a master of the shawm, and of course you can also hear Lizzie performing with Blondel.

Steve Tyler will be providing a workshop on the hurdy-gurdy, looking at monophonic and polyphonic music and also work on trompette rhythm and technique. Steve is one of the foremost gurdy players in Europe and this will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from a master. Suitable for players with some experience.

Richard de Winter will be providing a practical workshop on medieval song. It will feature (a) an introduction to plainchant, (b) secular song with an exploration of ways to tell story through song, and (c) trying out some English medieval polyphony A highly experience choral singer and soloist, he has been working on medieval repertoire with Trouvere over the last year.

Trouvere will be providing a hands-on introduction to the principal families of instruments in the middle ages, giving a good idea of what instruments were in use and when, and their development over five centuries.

Instrument Makers

We are pleased to confirm the impressive array of luthiers who will be attending Medieval Music in the Dales:

Musica Inspirata

Danilo Turchetti of Musica Inspirata will be coming all the way from Italy with his splendid array of medieval bagpipes, all beautifully handmade and wonderfully sonorous. Danilo's appearance at Medieval Music in the Dales is sponsored by The Bagpipe Society, to whom many thanks.

George Stevens

George Stevens is an English maker of fine quality hand-crafted instruments from the medieval to baroque periods. His exquisite string instruments are enjoyed by amateur and professional musicians both in this country and around the world. Using only the best quality materials, all instruments are made to the highest standards of construction and finishing with particular attention devoted to set-up and playability. .


Tri Nox Samoni

Benjamin Simao of Atelier Tri Nox Samoni is coming from Brittany. He makes wonderful wind and string instruments working from ancient and medieval sources. He will also be demonstrating his instruments.


Philippe Bolton

Philippe Bolton is coming from Provence. He is a master recorder maker and will be demonstrating his instruments as well as providing an invaluable workshop on recorder maintenance.


Jean-Daniel Talma of Atelier Elbock is also coming from France. He makes gorgeous wind instruments in a variety of materials.



Phil Bleazey makes wooden recorders, flutes and whistles in historical styles from the medieval period onwards, including replicas of some of the oldest archaeological recorder finds.



Margotton Lutherie make stringed instruments of different kinds - lyre, crwth, vielle, citole amongst others - from ancient and medieval times and are coming to us from the south of France!



Kalum Hewitt of Alberic's Workshop makes historical instruments of many kinds - an active reenactor he is always up for a new project!


Leaf Trading Post

Helen Leaf of Leaf Trading Post makes a stunning variety of ancient and medieval instruments including bone flutes, frame drums and magnificent jangling triangles.


Jim Parr

Jim Parr makes a great range of bagpipes as well as renaissance shawms. He's based in Norfolk.



Terry Mann is an acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist as well as a luthier. He's based in Cambridgeshire and makes tabor pipes as well as - more recently - some impressive medieval recorders.



Ugo Casalonga is based in Corsica where his workshop has been in operation more than thirty years making historical and traditional Corsican instruments by hand.



Based in Staffordshire, Eric Moulder is an internationally renowned maker and researcher of historical woodwind instruments, which he also plays in his band Piva.



Lizzie Gutteridge and Erik Martens will be selling their shawms, rommelpots, reeds and accessories.



The Early Music Shop is the UK's central port of call for historical instruments of all kinds, shapes and sizes and we are pleased to have them with us at Medieval Music in the Dales!


Here is the full programme for Medieval Music in the Dales. You can find a bit more detail on our blog. programme

As you can see, the event begins on Friday with the opening of the luthiers' exhibition, the first workshops, and plenty of informal playing. Friday evening will see a medieval feast in the incomparable setting of the Castle's Great Chamber. A roaring fire, laden tables and wonderful entertainment!

Saturday sees a full day of individual concerts in St Oswald's Church plus workshops and informal performances all around the Castle and gardens. In the evening, there will be the big concert of the weekend featuring the combined efforts of the headline performers...

And on Sunday there will be more individual concerts in the Church, and more workshops and sessions in the Castle. The medieval market and the luthiers' exhibition will continue in full flow.

Booking your Place

Tickets are now available through our online Box Office. It's possible to book a variety of tickets from full three-day passes to just a ticket for the main concert.

You are also welcome to pay by cheque - just drop us a line.

The range of tickets is as follows:

One-Day tickets for either Saturday or Sunday. These include at least two daytime concerts: £25.

Three-Day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These either include all five daytime concerts or no daytime concerts: £55 or £25 respectively.










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