Trouvère offer two concert programmes for 2015. With such significant anniversaries coming up as Magna Carta 1215, Simon de Montfort’s parliament 1265 and Agincourt 1415, it looks like we are going to be busy! Concert promoters and organisers please get in touch if you would like to have us along.



The Revel and the Melodye

Music of Medieval England

An opportunity to discover the medieval roots of English music on a journey through five centuries of music made in England - music from the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, from the Conquest to the Hundred Years War ...

Haunting melodies, lively dance-tunes, songs of love and of the weather - this is England after all!

Concerts from £350.

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Magna Melodia

Music in the time of the Magna Carta

Legends clustered around the royal Plantagenets of the twelfth century, and it was thought they had devil’s blood in them... Their behavior seemed to justify the belief - King Henry II and his sons Richard ’the Lionheart’ and John Lackland seem to have spent most of their time squabbling violently with each other, with their neighbours, or with their subjects. And so, when King John’s barons forced him to make explicit concessions in their favour in the ’Great Charter’ of 1215, John’s problems were all too typical of these turbulent early years of Plantagenet rule.

However, this ’devil’s brood’ also presided over a magnificent musical scene as England participated in the innovations and glories of the troubadours and their imitators. Trouvère will take you back 800 years to experience the musical backdrop to the tumultuous events of 1215.

Concerts from £350.

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excellent musical and dramatic entertainment ... we allowed ourselves to be transported back to the middle ages ...


Just to say how much we enjoyed ‘Reynard’ at Kingston: really good fun.