Medieval music at weddings and parties

If you are planning a medieval themed wedding or party then Trouvère medieval minstrels are perfect for creating the right atmosphere. Our medieval musicians specialise in performing music from the middle ages on an impressive array of period instruments including lutes, flutes, recorders, bagpipes, harps and percussion. Our minstrels can also provide comic tales and medieval dancing.

If you are looking for a lively, fast and loud sound, look no further than In Taberna - our medieval party band. If you prefer instead a gentler sound with a close eye on authenticity, our Minstrel Duo would be the perfect choice.

We work with a vast array of other performers, so we can also put you in touch with jesters, knights in armour, a falconer…. it’s up to you!

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We understand that no two events are the same and that you might like to mix and match elements as you like. Just get in touch to tell us what you would like to do.

Wedding Ceremonies

Trouvère can provide music for wedding ceremonies or handfastings that have a medieval or Celtic theme. Typically, we might provide beautiful background music on medieval guitar and harp as your guests assemble, followed by something stately and processional (perhaps on bagpipe) for the entry of the bride. Our singers could present a medieval romantic song to serve as a reading if required - we have often performed the courtly love songs of the Trouvères and the troubadours for this purpose and they are very beautiful. We can play again as the register is signed, and lead your guests out with something jolly after the ceremony.

Although we often stay to present entertainment throughout the wedding feast, you may choose to book Trouvère for just the ceremony.

The music for the ceremony will be carefully selected to ensure that it suits you. We can provide MP3s of the music, so that you can get a good impression of the sounds that we will be making. We do not usually do requests for non-medieval music.







Trouvère are pleased to offer a medieval themed handfasting as part of your wedding celebration. This isn't a pagan ceremony of any kind, but is intended as a light-hearted and memorable celebration. A member of Trouvère will act as celebrant and lead you and your guests through the beautiful ceremony, accompanied by music on our medieval instruments. The ceremony includes a variety of traditional elements and stunning love poetry from the middle ages.

We are happy to tailor the ceremony and its content to your specific preferences. For example, we can include your own vows, or we can suggest some for you.






The Banquet

If your event has a medieval theme, there is a good chance that you will want to have a medieval feast, and minstrels are essential for this. Musicians will pipe in the various courses of food and stroll amongst your guests as they dine. Storytellers will entertain with hilarious medieval tales, and we can also provide a master of ceremonies, who will introduce the food and the speeches. We can also put you in touch with other splendid entertainers - like jesters who will juggle, stiltwalk and carry out all manner of silly activities to amuse and amaze your guests.







For an event with a historical theme, medieval dance is a great way to follow the banquet. Our dance leader and musicians will guide you through a variety of period dances, including the branle, pavane and farandole. The style is lively and informal - a medieval ceilidh!

We usually perform without amplification, but it all depends on the venue and the number of guests. For larger gatherings amplification may be necessary - our In Taberna format is perfect for this and we can provide everything that is required.

If the event is a wedding celebration, the minstrels are more than happy to provide music for a first dance. We have a selection of dances that are ideal for this purpose - and which are quickly and easily learnt!









You turned a beautiful evening into a magical one


Your storytelling and your fantastic musical talents transformed a special day into the truly unforgettable occasion it was for us


Thank you all so much for providing such fabulous entertainment for our wedding - not simply for the music, which was amazing, but also for bringing so much joy and laughter to our perfect day.


When you piped us out for the ceremony and we saw how beautifully it was all set up, we were absolutely stunned. The ceremony was wonderful and Gill managed to make it charming, romantic and fun all at the same time.