Prices for weddings and parties

Medieval themed weddings and parties - options and prices

Valid to end of 2016

There are three basic options for booking Trouvère. These options are not set in stone and can be tailored to suit, but should give you a good idea of what we can offer. The prices given assume that Trouvère will be present at the event for a maximum of six hours for Options One and Three, or four hours for Option Two. If your event is likely to last longer, let us know and we will work something out.

Option One - The Medieval Feast

Three costumed musicians performing on period instruments. The band can provide music for the ceremony, drinks receptions and dinner. The minstrels will also present comic storytelling and medieval dancing, and one of the minstrels can also work as a master of ceremonies who will receive your guests in grand style, with comic tales and japes; he will of course also introduce the food and the speeches.

£750 plus expenses. (3 performers, 6 hours attendance time, 4 hours performance time)

Option Two - Minstrel Duo

The duo is ideal for smaller gatherings or smaller budgets. A duo of costumed musicians will provide music on a variety of period instruments for you and your guests. The instruments can include a variety of different types ranging from gentle flutes, harps and gitterns through to the louder drums and bagpipes.

£450 plus expenses (two musicians, 4 hours attendance time, 3 hours performance time)

Option Three - In Taberna

In Taberna is Trouvère’s party band. Four minstrels will present high energy music on bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, flutes, fiddles and percussion for your guests. This band can provide the music for medieval dancing also if you like. One of the minstrels will work as a caller and lead your guests in several simple and fun dances. In Taberna usually perform amplified and a fifth member of the group will take care of the sound equipment. We will provide all necessary equipment.

The intention with this band is to create a party atmosphere without worrying too much about medieval authenticity. All the tunes we play will be medieval or folk melody and foot stompingly good. More information concerning In Taberna will be posted on this site soon, but if you want to know more now, feel free to contact us.

If you would like to book In Taberna, but do not feel that you would need us to amplify, it’s not a problem. We’re very happy to perform unamplified.


In Taberna Medley:


£1200 plus expenses (four musicians and one sound guy, 6 hours attendance time, 4 hours performance time)

Wedding and Handfasting Ceremonies

Music for wedding ceremonies can be included as part of any of the packages listed above. There is no additional charge.

Trouvère’s Handfasting ceremony costs an additional £150 to cover the preparation and materials.

A word of explanation

Expenses - These prices do not include any expenses. We will of course provide a full quote including expenses as soon as we know the details of your event. Expenses are based on travel expenses at 50p per mile and overnight costs (where necessary) at £50 per person (UK only).

Attendance time - this is the length of time that we will be in attendance and ready to perform at the venue. It includes times for breaks for the various performers.

Performance time - this is the length of time that the performers will actually be performing. Thus at a Feast for example we would aim to provide rolling entertainment with different performers taking breaks at different times.

Extra time - you may want us around for longer and this can usually be arranged. However, there will be a surcharge (starting from £60 per extra hour or part thereof depending on the number of performers involved).

If you are interested in booking Trouvère, let us know as soon as you have made up your mind so that we can contact the various performers and book them in for your celebration.