Trouvère are with regret no longer offering workshops for schools. We are happy to recommend alternative providers and please get in touch if you would like any suggestions.

Workshops for Schools

Trouvère Medieval Minstrels have been presenting workshops for schools for some ten years now. We started off specialising in the Tudor period, but have branched out to cover the Vikings and Saxons, and medieval times as well. All our sessions last around 1.5 hours and are variously suitable for class-sized groups or larger year or even Key Stage groups - and you can book just the one session, or up to three to make a full day of it.


Expenses are based on 50p per mile for travel costs from our base in North Yorkshire and £50 per night for overnight costs if required.

These costs are valid for visits to the end of 2013.


Ideal for key stage two. A strong emphasis on the contrast between rich and poor lives in Tudor times

An Audience with Queen Mary

Extended roleplay. The children meet the Queen, learn about Tudor behaviour and etiquette and try out for various posts at court. The audience can be followed with a short and more informal session based around Music, Clothes, or Toys & Games.

1.5 hours - suitable for up to 100 children, Years 3-6.

Tudor Revels

A fun mixture of Tudor activities that can include have-a-go with Tudor musical instruments, playing Tudor games, dressing up in Tudor clothes and trying a Tudor dance.

1.5 hours - suitable as a workshop for up to 30 children for maximum individual hands-on experience, or as a presentation for up to 100 children involving a few volunteers only, Years 3-4.

Tudor Music & Dance

Hearing and trying out a great variety of Tudor-period musical instruments plus learning a simple dance.

1.5 hours - suitable as a workshop for up to 30 children for maximum individual hands-on experience, or as a presentation for up to 100 children involving a few volunteers only, Years 5-6.

You can mix the different sessions on one day - for example, starting off all together for an audience with the Queen and going on to do two Music and Dance or Tudor Revels sessions in smaller groups. You may also wish us to work with one group while you get on with Tudor-themed activities with other groups. If so, we can also provide the equipment and full supporting notes for teacher-led sessions on Tudor artefacts - including costume items and toys.







Medieval Times

Perfect if you’re looking at life in a Castle - great for key stage one or key stage two

In the Great Hall

In this session we explore the similarities and differences between medieval and modern life by focusing above all on how people had fun in the middle ages. The children get dressed up in simple medieval outfits and acquire a medieval name. Before going on to learn some simple medieval greetings. They then try out medieval musical instruments, have a go at a variety of medieval games and try some medieval dancing - or as much of this as we can fit in! We can also end with a short show including music and storytelling from Trouvère and dancing from the children.

1.5 hours - suitable for up to 30 children.

While we’re working with one group, teachers may like to try an authentic medieval crafts with another group. We can supply all necessary materials and instructions for a workshop making medieval wall hangings. The cost for the wall hanging activity is 50 pence per child.








Vikings and Saxons

Ideal for key stage two, exploring the cultures of two groups of invaders and settlers

In the Feasting Hall

With half the group taking the part of Vikings and the other half the part of Saxons, there’s a strong emphasis in this session on the meeting of cultures. As with Medieval Times, the similarities and differences between the Dark Ages and today are brought out by a focus on the arts of fun!

The children get dressed up in simple but authentic outfits, learn Dark Age greetings, try period musical instruments and have a go at Viking games.

Depending on time, we’ll also have a go at dancing and making up riddles. There’ll also be the chance to explore period weapons and armour.

As with Medieval Times, teachers can lead a craft session with another group in tandem with us for a small additional charge of 50 pence per child to cover materials. Our Viking craft activity is making an authentic cloth pouch.









This is what education is all about. Thank you.

Teacher's Feedback    

Very educational and fun as always. YOu have such a lovely way with children.

Teacher's Feedback    

The little ones were so engaged and loved being able to try out the instruments. What a treat, you are both amazing.

Teacher's Feedback    

We all had a fantastic time and the children are still chatting about it now. I think they were a little scared of Queen Mary!

Teacher's Feedback    

Thank you for one of the best days of my life.

Children's Feedback