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Trouvere are medieval musicians Paul Leigh and Gill Page

We have been playing music together for nearly ten years, and our particular love is for the music of the high middle ages - the time of the crusades and of the arts of courtly love. We enjoy rediscovering, recreating and re-interpreting the magnificent music of these times, based on thorough historical research alongside our musical experience and understanding. We are also the directors of Medieval Music in the Dales - the UK's only festival of medieval music.

The rich interweaving of strings is perhaps our signature sound, played on the gittern and harp. But we have an amazing array of instruments, and also love to combine flutes and harp, bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy, whistles and drums...

We like to give a medieval context to our performances and to that end we often perform in authentic clothes of the period - another of Gill’s enthusiasms!

Having had a most unusual year - like most people! - we are now well into 2021. It's really pleasing to see that events are being planned again, and we are looking forward to returning to old and new haunts soon. We had our first live gig on May 8th in our own home town of Richmond, which is celebrating its 950th birthday this year (check out Richmond 950 for more information). It was an outdoor launch of the year of celebrations and the weather was AWFUL! but it was still so good to be out playing for real live people. 

Our next appearance for Richmond 950 is our concert in the stunning parish church of St Mary's, on July 10th. 'Music for a Norman Court' presents music from the eleventh to early thirteenth centuries set against the story of the Normans in Richmondshire and further afield. Tickets here.

Then at the end of July, we are performing our epic 'Tales of Reynard the Fox' in Richmond - details coming soon, but the date is Sunday 25th July. Gill had great fun preparing a video version of one of our tales - The Fox, The Wolf and the Well - for the Bodleian Libraries. It's stuffed full of medieval images and even a bit of animation! You can see it here.

We've been really busy online this year. We really enjoyed presenting our weekly Wednesday evening livestream on Facebook and it was so good to have so many of you joining us - we really felt like we got to know a lot of lovely new people! as well as catching up with old friends. Although we are getting a bit too busy to do the weekly live event, we are keeping Wednesday evenings special with a weekly release of some video content from our back catalogue, and we will probably throw in the odd live event too! Regular livestreams will return in the winter. We also ran a really successful online Medieval Music in the Dales festival in March.

Speaking of Medieval Music in the Dales, our annual festival of medieval music at Bolton Castle in the Yorkshire Dales, returns for an 'in real life' festival this September - 17-19th September to be exact. We are also - big news! - running a MMitD Summer School in the run-up to the festival. The 'Playing Medievally' Summer School will run from 14-16th September at The Jonas Centre, just down the road from Bolton Castle and it's perfect for anyone interested in honing a medieval sound. Paul will be leading the instrumental strand, Richard de Winter will be leading the vocal strand, and Gill will be leading the historical strand. This is a really exciting new venture for us - more information here.

We've updated our calendar below to show all the public events we currently know about for next year. Everything is of course subject to change so feel free to check with us before heading out! 

La Septime Estampie Real - Trouvere
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All the events listed here are public events, although some are ticketed and you might need to contact the relevant organisation in advance. It would be great to see you!

May 8th

Medieval Music for Richmond 950. This is the launch of the 950th birthday party for our home town of Richmond in North Yorkshire, and we are delighted to be playing as part of the historical market in Richmond's gorgeous cobbled Market Square.

May 29th-31st

Medieval Music at Kenilworth Castle. Book in advance at Medieval Kenilworth Castle.

June 12-13th

We are taking part in The Original Reenactors Market at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry. Book in advance here.

July 3rd and 4th

Medieval Music at Chepstow Castle 

July 10th

Concert: Music for a Norman Court, St Mary's Parish Church in Richmond

A Richmond 950 event. Tickets £7 / £5 here.

July 25th

The Tales of Reynard the Fox - venue tbc.

A Richmond 950 event. Free!

August 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th

Medieval Music at Alnwick Castle

September 4th

Becket's Music at Furness Abbey Medieval Fair, for the Furness Abbey Fellowship.

September 14th-16th

Playing Medievally Summer School at The Jonas Centre in Wensleydale - the MMitD Summer School.

September 17-19

Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle

October 2nd and 3rd

Medieval Music at Alnwick Castle

December 4-5

Reynard the Fox at The Bodleian Library, Oxford. More information on the way...