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Trouvere are medieval musicians Paul Leigh and Gill Page

We have been playing music together for more than ten years, and our particular love is for the music of the high middle ages - the time of the crusades and of the arts of courtly love. We enjoy rediscovering, recreating and re-interpreting the magnificent music of these times, based on thorough historical research alongside our musical experience and understanding. 

The rich interweaving of strings is perhaps our signature sound, played on the gittern and harp. But we have an amazing array of instruments and also love to combine flutes and harp, bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy, trumpet and shawm ...

We like to give a medieval context to our performances and to that end we often perform in authentic clothes of the period - another of Gill’s enthusiasms!

Well, it is a funny old time for medieval minstrels.  Along with so many other musicians, we have seen all our events cancelled until at least June, and the prospect of more disappearing. For us, it's really been a question of hunkering down and extending our usual winter hibernation a bit longer! We usually use the winter to practice, research and develop new ideas and so we can always find something to fill our time. We've also taken up gardening at our new house!

We've been working on two major new projects. First is our latest booklet of medieval music - called 'Trecento' it is a collection of fourteenth century songs and dances from Italy. Paul's been enjoying getting to grips with fourteenth-century notation and Gill's been grappling with medieval Italian! Second is our new show. 'Legends'. This is a combination of music and storytelling which tells the tales of four medieval figures from England's history accompanied with suitable music. Gill has written the scripts and is about to start making the new sets; hopefully, we will be premiering this show this summer for English Heritage.

We've been thinking a lot about our festival Medieval Music in the Dales, which is due to take place September 11-13 this year. At present, we still think this will go ahead, and certainly if it does it will be the best post-crisis party which we can all enjoy. However, we continue to keep an eye on developments and will be making a final decision on this at the end of July.

We've updated our calendar below to show which events are definitely cancelled and which are still currently going ahead. When we do emerge from this lockdown, it would be great to see you somewhere around the country!

La Septime Estampie Real - Trouvere
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Here's what we are up to over the coming months. More events are being confirmed all the time, so watch this space.

All the events listed here are public events, although some are ticketed and you might need to contact the relevant organisation in advance. It would be great to see you!

April  10-13

Medieval Music at Alnwick Castle  CANCELLED

May 8-10

Medieval Music at Chepstow Castle CANCELLED

May 16

Medieval Music at Furness Abbey, for the Furness Abbey FellowshipCANCELLED

May 17

Medieval Music at the Museum, at Cliffe Castle, for Bradford Museums and Galleries. CANCELLED

May 23-25

Reynard the Fox, for English Heritage: Medieval Kenilworth at  Kenilworth CastleCANCELLED

May 30-31

Medieval Music at the Barnet  Medieval FestivalCANCELLED

June 27-8

Medieval Music at the Lincoln Castle Joust. CANCELLED

July 4-5

Reynard the Fox at English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Old Sarum.

July 12

Medieval Music at Alnwick CastleCANCELLED

July 18-19

Medieval Music at English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Belsay Hall.

July 25-6

English Legends for English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Audley End.

August 1-2

Medieval Music at English Heritage's Knight's Tournament at Dover Castle.

August 8-9

Medieval Music at English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Scarborough Castle.

August 13

The Medieval Tavern at Bolton Castle - tickets here

August 15-16

English Legends for English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Eltham Palace.

August 18-20

English Legends for English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Carisbrooke Castle.

August 22-3

Medieval Music at Scarborough Castle.

August 27

The Medieval Tavern at Bolton Castle - tickets here

August 28

Medieval Music at Alnwick Castle CANCELLED

August 30-31

Medieval Music for English Heritage's Legendary Joust at Bolsover Castle.

September 5

Becket's Music at the Furness Abbey Medieval Fair

September 11-13

Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle

December 5-6

Reynard the Fox at The Bodleian Library, Oxford.

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