trouvère in concert

Our concert programmes are available for music societies, festivals and museums. Lively and informative, we bring the sounds of the middle ages into the twenty-first century. 

The following programmes are currently available, but if you have something medieval in mind please get in touch as we are very happy to sculpt a specific programme.

English Legends

Four great figures from English history and legend

Storytelling and medieval music combine with tales of four fascinating people - Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia, the Empress Matilda, William Marshal and (of course)​ Robin Hood. With music from England, France and Spain.

Gill Page and Paul Leigh, with Richard de Winter or Dan Osbaldeston

Becket's Music

The Musical Life of England's Great Saint

2020 is the 750th anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. Becket is one of the great figures of the middle ages and remains a fascinating figure to this day. Our concert divides his life into three parts, with music to illustrate and complement readings from original sources:

  • Boy and Student - Becket's early life growing up in England and studying abroad. Featuring some lively drinking songs!

  • Clerk and Chancellor - Becket's middle years making his name as an astute civil servant, becoming the friend of Henry II and eventually his Chancellor. 

  • Archbishop and Martyr - witnessing Becket's transformation into ascetic and martyr.

Becket's Music features our singer Richard de Winter. alongside Paul Leigh and Gill Page

the instrumentarium

A Musical History Tour

A whistle-stop tour through the music of medieval Europe, told via a magnificent array of instruments and illustrated  with key pieces of music to demonstrate the changing musical styles of the period. We start with simple flutes that go right back into prehistory - and stop just as the Renaissance takes hold and music changes for good!

The Instrumentarium is presented by Paul Leigh and Gill Page

reynard the fox

Epic Comedy of the Middle Ages

Knockabout comedy and music combine, along with masks and mayhem in our unique retelling of the tales of Reynard the Fox. An archetypal trickster figure, Reynard was a hugely popular antihero in tales told throughout Europe in the middle ages. We present three tales, all taken from the original sources, in a show  suitable for all ages (it's only a bit naughty....). More information here.

Reynard the Fox  features  musician and actor Dan Osbaldeston, a Trouvere old hand - it's a pleasure to work with him!