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We take the historical side of medieval music seriously - Gill holds a PhD in medieval history and is a published historian; there's nothing she like better than poring over ancient documents and sorting out historical details! And it's a fact that music is often neglected in displays and exhibitions, which is a great shame – not least because medieval music has a lot of variety over time and place, and there is also a lot of it to choose from. The same goes for historical films and dramas and even documentaries, so if you are presenting medieval history in any format and want to get the music right, then come to us. If it’s there, we will find you the right music in terms of geography and date. 


Recordings and ambient sound

We have a huge library of medieval tunes and can license these to you for public use. And if we don’t have the right thing ourselves, then we can research and record something new for you - either recording it ourselves or sourcing the best musicians for the job.



We can put together videos about medieval history or medieval music, sourcing period images and even recreating appropriate scenes, and always with the right medieval sounds. There are a couple of samples of our video work below, and you can find more on our YouTube channel.



We produce a range of books of medieval music, as well as a range of CDs. Our books each cover a different area of medieval music, and each contains twelve pieces of medieval music in modern notation, along with background information, notes, lyrics, translations if required, and where necessary a guide to pronunciation. Our CDs cover music from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. We are ready and able to research and produce bespoke sheet music books or CDs if you have a particular brief in mind.

A light-hearted compendium of medieval rabbit to accompany the music of the thirteenth-century estampies reales - dance music from Angevin Naples

An instrumental version of RIchard's own 'Ja nuns homs pris' and an excerpt from the lament on his death by Gaucelm Faidit

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