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trouvère at events

Trouvère bring musical flair and historical authenticity to medieval events.

We've performed all over the UK and as far afield as Switzerland and Provence. Whether you want

  • beautiful music to complement your exhibition

  • instrument presentations for your medieval event

  • fabulous medieval comedy 

  • banquet entertainment


Trouvere can provide the perfect medieval musical experience. Read on for more information about our various programmes for events... and just get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book.

Twenty Instruments In Twenty Minutes

Twenty instruments In Twenty Minutes - a whistle-stop tour through medieval music packed with tunes, information and even a bit of a tale... Can we do it? It's always a race to the finish! We can present up to three presentations over a day, with the same instruments but different tunes and talk. Plus we are available between sessions for more informal demonstrations and chat - people always have a few questions they need answering!  Two musicians.

Music of the Abbey
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We transform ourselves into monks and a nun to present music of the medieval church.  We'll provide four 30-minute sessions over the course of a day, each focusing on a different aspect of religious music:

  • Music of the Saxon church, with tales of the Saxon musical saints

  • Music of the Norman church, with a look at liturgical music

  • Music for drama in church, with a tale from 'The Play of Daniel'

  • Pilgrim music with songs and stories from medieval Spain

In between the shows we are on hand to chat to visitors and play more informally. This show involves three musicians.

English Legends

Three fascinating figures from English history and legend - tales and music combine in three 20-25 minute shows packed with detail and gorgeous sounds. Our legends are:

  • Athelflaed, Lady of Mercia and daughter of Alfred the Great

  • William Marshal

  • and (of course) Robin Hood

In between the shows we are as usual on hand to chat to visitors and play informally. This show involves three minstrels.

Picture courtesy of Past Pleasures, with thanks.

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Reynard the Fox

Reynard the Fox is our slice of medieval comic theatre - it's a unique dollop of masked medieval mayhem that goes down a storm with all ages. Hilarious and irreverent, the tales of Reynard the Fox were known all across Europe.  We've chosen three of them and, working from the original sources, brought them to life for a modern audience.  We present the three tales over the course of a  day, with all three linked within the frame of the "Trial of Reynard". In the end, of course, the audience are the jury...  Three minstrels.

Wandering Minstrels

Perfect for a larger event or festival, we are available to add sound and spectacle. Rather than having a base, we will provide music in and around the site, often on the move.

  • We can be masked minstrels, in our roles of Reynard the Fox and Tibert the Cat for first class capering and interactions with visitors

  • We can provide magnificently loud bagpipe and drums for processions and marches

  • We can give fanfares for jousts and tournaments

The Medieval Feast

Trouvere can supply music and other entertainment for medieval wedddings and banquets. We can bring a team of two or three or four people - depending on the event and your requirements. Here's what we can offer

  • music while you eat

  • a medieval master of ceremonies

  • medieval storytelling or fooling

  • a medieval ceilidh after the meal

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